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Melody's road trip : Location N°1 "Lac de Chalain"

Mis à jour : 28 août 2020

Hello friends !

This is my very first travel blog post and I hope you are going to like it.

So, in short, my family goes on a road trip every year, since 4 years and we have always been visiting magical places. That is why, I came up with the idea to write a blog about my journeys around the world.

This year, we are travelling throughout France for 12 days in which we are going to stay at 6 different spots. Our main destination, this year, is south of France, to enjoy nature and good weather.

Finally, we are going to stop at around 400km from each place to rest and visite old villages of the beautiful France.

Getting ready!


Day N°1 : Lac de Chalain

On our first day of our road trip, my mum woke us up at around 6am in the morning. I have to say that I am not an early bird, and I was really not enchanted to wake up that early on the first day of my vacation. However, knowing that we are travelling throughout France, gave me the kick I needed to stand up.

Let's go!

It took us 30 minutes to get ready and to jump all 4 into the caming car. As soon as we left Luxembourg, I fell asleep while my mum was driving. Yes, I sleep A LOT. The good thing about sleeping while driving, is that when you wake up, you have almost arrived.

At around 9am in the morning, we stopped for breakfast at a gas station. Here it is very important to always have your own pastries ready, because gas station breakfast is a little "uneatable".

Arrived at the Lac de Chalain!

After a 5 hours drive, we arrived at our first camping for lunch time. My family always stops at the "Lac de Chalain" because it is in the exact middle of France. We stop here every year, for one day only, in order to rest and enjoy a calm day at a beautiful lake.


Camping La Pergola

Rating: 5/10

Comments : the sanitary facilities were not very clean and the place where we stayed was without a view on the lake. However, there was a fun water park with very cool slides and the showers were hot.

Last but not least, I recommend the camping “Surchauffant", which is on the opposite side of the "Camping la Pergola". You will enjoy an unforgettable view on the lake.

See you soon from the Groges du Verdon 😃

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